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Mobile development has changed rapidly in the last few years. This is because the mobile platform has overtaken desktop with the greatest number of users.

The balance is to bring mobile development to work with many device types such as tablets, phones and of course desktops.

We understand the synergy between desktop and mobile applications. As a result we have developed extensive API applications.

Although frameworks can be good for certain applications, we feel that it is always better to go under the hood.


Design is essential to attracting the right users to your products and services.

Call to action designs that can help you engage with your users. In addition to providing the information to users with minimal clutter.

With over 20 years in the design of web and mobile, we can help you achieve your expectations. 



CMS (Content Management Systems) are a unique way of providing managed content. This rapidly evolving area based around WordPress, Drupal, AEM etc. help to shape company’s visions and ambitions.

The framework of such CMS systems can be easily broken without the right knowledge and approach.

With over 20 years experience in this field, we can offer consultancy in the area of CMS. We help you select the right CMS that match your business goals.


The Android platform has continued to gain momentum due to the proliferation of Android phones.

There are over a billion users using the Android platform. It is vital that companies leverages this platform to gain the targeted audience in this platform.

With seasoned programmers, strong in the latest Android 11, you can be rest assured that we can deliver on simple to very complex projects.


The Apple IOS echo system has a somewhat different to the Android user base.

People loyal to this platform can be a group that is more akin to your customers. Developing on the IOS platform requires a different approach to the open platform of Android. The rigid requirements to the software paradigm of Apple can make for a highly robust app.

With many years of experience in IOS development, you can expect great results. 

Cloud Hosting


AWS Cloud hosting has been around for over a decade. It is a diverse platform that has proved to be highly scalable, reliable for business small to very large.

Netflix which is hosted on cloud contributes to 50% of the internet traffic.

With a myriad of services such as Cloudfront, Lightsail, S3 etc. one can fire up a cloud server in a matter of minutes.

We have in-depth knowledge and experience with AWS Cloud. Our solutions will provide a system that will grow with your needs.

         Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is another contender to the AWS Cloud.



Most companies marketing budgets often far exceeds their technical budget. This if for good reasons, since more and more people access company information from their phone or desktops.

Like technology, it is vital that you choose the right mix of marketing tools that can help you maximize your ROI.

Online marketing tools tend to be complex such as Ad networks, analytics of user activity, marketing materials. It is important to have a company that has deep knowledge of marketing from all angles.

You can be confident that we can provide solutions for a very targeted marketing campaign.



Search engine optimization is often ignored by many companies. This is often done at the expense of paid SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which can be costly but can bring immediate rewards.

The problem with this approach is that, your costs can escalate while the position of your company is low down in the big search platforms.

With little continued efforts, companies should look to SEO as a way to provide long term sustainability.

In this way, you can whether big changes in the SEM as your SEO continues to bring organic traffic.

         Deep Analytics

So much information is available to companies from data sourced from user activity, mobile traffic, marketing campaigns etc. 

It becomes important to sift through this data to provide semblance and meaning to this data.

We love data since it can provide us with insightful information about trends, results of campaigns and even troubleshoot your backend.

Our deep analytics team can help you make those key decisions around your datasets. In this way, you can properly plan your business activates to take advantage of the meaningful insights from your datasets.



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         Development & Hosting

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